Sheer Endorsing Modernism with Natural String like Yarns 

Available in Ivory, Linen and Chalk


Super-soft Etamine Linen look Sheer.

Available in 25 colours


Linen Look curtain Voil 

Available in 8 Colours

Moments Sheer

Organza with a fine stripe curtain Voile

Available in 6 Colours


Sheer with a very tonal broad 10cm strip capturing a gentle linen look.

Available in 4 Colours


Sheer with a refined two tone character with one colour in the warp and another in the weft

Available in 5 Colours

Snowflake Sheer

Textured curtain Voile

Available in Champagne & White


Sheer with a thick and thin yarn and a subtle melange effect

Avaiable in 8 Colours

Stripe Sheer

Lightweight striped Voile

Available in Champagne & White

Endless Sheer

Textured Curtain Voile with Chenille zipper thread

Available in 4 Colours

Slub Leaded Sheer

Lightweight slub effect  leaded curtain

Available and Champagne & White

Slub Sheer

Slub effect Voile

Available in Champagne & White

Plain Voile

Lightweight Curtain Voile

Available in White